The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Inverted Queen

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Contribuție:  alecz93


| C A| A|
| C A| A|

Pierce the lace, this skin is way too tight 
And i am such a sucker for the friction.. 
Silken ropes around your greatest hopes, 
Bent on a mission for submission... 
You see i always knew, you were the type to bring 
A loaded gun to a knife party... 
Swing, little bird, swing 
In spite of broken wings.. 
Am    F            Em
Sing, little bird, sing 
Tonight’s sorrows and dreams, 
    F              Em 
Oh, you’ll sing to please this jaded king 
Am    F            Em
Sing, little bird, sing.. 

And i’ll be back to get some... 

You are the courtesan, kissing and slitting the throat, 
                                   B (o descendenta scurta)
A paper one too many times folded 
An ever changing universe, 


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