Direcția 5 – Castelul

Contribuție:  Marius


D /G /
D /G /

Everytime, I try to bring back yesterday.

And everytime I try to hold you
I seem to lose my way.

And now, I think about the love
You shared before you go.
Turn the light and make come love
Share's above her more.

I know, these things are really gone
But still, our love is getting strong, girl.
Take that something you need,
But I believe I really wanted more


I can't save my soul
I'm gonna leave to drive you, but

Now that you're really gone
Why should I recall?

Strofa 2:

Now I feel again my back against the world
Every voice is telling me:
"Boy, you lost, you know..."
I never really understood my live before
But now I know it is for sure
There must be something more




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