Direcția 5 – Don't go

Contribuție:  Marius

muzica: Marian Ionescu
versuri: Dragoş Bădoi
album: La vulturul de mare cu peştele în ghiare



Strofa 1A:

I'll take a chance
Living with you.

I don't know why
Did I play those rules.

Strofa 1B:

I was trying to make you see, girl

I am the one and only you could love.

No one else can give you more 

then I'll ever give.

Strofa 2:

So, I need you now
Much more than ever
I realised
Those words I'm saying now

Strofa 1B


Don't,don't, don't go!

Don't leave right now
Take a little while
And you'll see life, girl
A little while to your smile
Don't go if you love me 
Just for a while
Don't go, I need you!
Stay right behind!

Strofa 1B
Strofa 3:

So this is my hand
But I want you to hold it
I believe some day you're gonna realise
The words I'm saying now.


Coda: Aceleaşi acorduri ca la intro.


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