Trupa Zero – Sunny days

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In a way u can call me a fool
I was praying to find love from you
In a way,
Love is chasing me every day
From the day you left I was lonely
It was all the same

Different story
Why do you have to go

Why my life is it so 
We're so bad i didn't know
Tell me where is the love
Or I belived in a lie
Tell me what do you feel
When you look in my eyes
I'm singing the same sad song
That remindes me of you
Oh, I would give you my love 
If you'd ask me to
They say that love is a drog
It can take you soo high
It can make you strong
But you'd been liveing a lie
I gues I might be hurt 
I gues I might be hurt
Don't worry I'll be OK
Sunny days,look around you now
Find a place where you can't be found
Don't be scared
Dreams will take you soo far away
I'm the man who can't be arround you
I'm the man who stays just behind you
Why do you have to go 
Why my life is it so 
We're so bad I didn't know


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cu accent pe primele 3,4 corzi sau alte forme dupa cum va suna mai bine
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