Elizabeth Ciortuz – This world

Contribuție:  gloom3tsu

Listen to the flowers
Listen how they sing
The melodies of happiness
The joy they bring.
Look up to the rainbow
See it how it smiles
And if you’ll se the mountains
You'll wanna go there
But it’ll take you miles.

This world is full of
Places you will wanna see
But if we’ll go togheter
You’ll see that it’s better when you’re with me.
I’ll be beside you
And we’ll explore the fantasies
So baby tell me one thing
I love you, but do you love me?


Listen to the rain
Listen how it falls
But it’s not just any rain
It  falls for our love.
Look inside a well
The ripples seem to grow
And if we’ll stay this way
Our love will grow
It’ll grow bigger and bigger, ooh



Ultima actualizare:  14.12.2011

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