PoPa SapKA – My imagination

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Contribuție:  eadbhard

No way can understand what is in my head
And you can believe mai nai nai nai
And if you want to know why it never snows
It is all because you have no imagination
But do not weep and cry, do not even try
The answer is quite clear: you lack comprehention
Forget all about it, embrace your creation
Just f**k your happy nation, just f**k your happy nation!

Ainananananai, ai nananananai, my imagination
Ainananananai, ai nananananai, f**k your happy nation

My imagination, f**k your happy nation!
Ai nanananai, ai nanananai, my imagination!
Ai nanananai, ai nanananai, f**k your happy nation!

Ultima actualizare:  28.12.2014


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