Byron - Blow up my tears

capo la tasta 10!

A5                         C7+
Walkin’ down the land
F#7-4/A                       F7-4/A
wonderin’ which road I should take to wipe off my fears
A5                          C7+
Losing all I had is peaceful
F#7-4/A                   F7-4/A
A fresh morning awaits another dream to blow up my tears
A5                     A5/G                           Dm9/F    G6 etc.
To blow up my tears…to blow up my tears

Falling on my feet
My hopes are about to lose track of me
There is no other cheek
It`s just another day waiting to kiss my eyelids to blow up my tears
To blow up my blow up my tears

A5                      A5/G                Dm9/F    G6 etc.
I can face all the wrong steps I had to make
All the gods I grasped and then I failed to break
I can lose it all again for you to leave this path I go 

A5: x02200
C7+: x32000
F#7-4/A: x04200
F7-4/A: x03200
A5/G: x02000
Dm9/F: 10023x
G6: 30045x

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