Byron - On the road

Intro: Asus4/Am/Asus2/Am  E

when you are alone
                    E                                       F#m4-9
sittin' on the pavement, hoping for a ride, dreaming away,
remember her hands
                    E                                          F#m4-9    E
touching the back of your neck like a breath of wind so real

tema: long time passing doesn't mean it's gone 
that touch is still there and it'll never leave
as you did

when you are alone 
walking on the wayside, asking for a ride, dreaming away,
forgetting that crap
"what will you do with your life if you don`t work up your next day?"

tema: following the sun is not good enough
for taking your last breath with a smile on your face?
your mother spent her life preparing the meal,
what about living without established fronteers?

F#m4-9                                D5sus9
what about misty mountains in a sunset light
F#m4-9                               D5sus9
what about drinking from a waterfall
F#m4-9                                         D5sus9
what about leaving people without telling goodbye
Bm                     Asus2     Bm   Asus2
we'll meet again, i'm sure

F#m4-9                       E...
the cars still intersect hypnotizing your memories,
those days lost forever but never forgot,
leaving all behind doesn't mean you don't miss
that child accidentally you're not anymore

what about laying on leaves and watching the stars/preparing to fall asleep
what about casual friends for a couple of miles 
don't ask about the meaning anymore   

F#m4-9: x44200
D5sus9: xx0230

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