Byron - Peaceful Mind

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  • Ultima actualizare: 23.01.2009
O melodie superba care merita putina atentie, dar imi pare rau ca nu prea 
inteleg versurile, motiv pentru care am pus {intre acolade} niste cuvinte 
care-mi suna a ce se aude, chiar daca nu prea au sens.

Nu sunt convins ca am nimerit acordurile perfect dar suna decent cu acordurile astea.

Va rog, completati versurile pentru ca e pacat sa nu existe pe net decat versiunea mea 'surda'.

 Am(V)			C5		    Dm 
See the dawn stretching in your eyes with a smile on
 Am(V)			C5			  Dm
Feel the rain running down your lips but the sky's still clear - underneath
 Am(V)			 C5		      Dm
I'm in love with your painted song {just the wall though ??}
 Am(V)			 C5		     Dm			    Dm
Just the drill for a perfect day when you'll scan the skyline and you'll say

	   A	D   Dm		     Am(V)
Don't you know, i'm right here right now
	   A      D          Dm	     Am(V)
Can't you feel me this is as real as you can get
A	       D        Dm       Am (V)
	Inside blue ski outside rainy weather
%A	       D        Dm        Am(V)
	A peaceful mind not just feeling better

% Am(V)		          C5		    Dm5
Take this spoon put it in your {gut make a sweet peace ??}
{Hear the music for a sleepy head, i hear you humming from my bed ??} 
As if the nature imitates your smile the rain stops
A reflection of a shiny world makes the smokey air swirl

Am(V)		    F 
Good morning take a deep breath
The calling of a bright new day fills your chest
It's your life running through your veins
It's your day and this time it never ever ends