Byron - The Annoying Detail

E4 Em9/G x 2
Em Bm Am D

     E4  Em9/G            E4                         Em9/G
it's quiet,              the snowflakes cover the sun,
Em             Bm            Am          D
the big boy buries his memories and a gun
          E4  Em9/G   E4                Em9/G
in the backyard,     as someone said 
Em            Bm             Am      D
keep their mouth shut and go ahead.

          E4 Em9/G        E4               Em9/G
in the morning      he'll be a happy guy
            Em                    Bm      Am             D
with no pressure on his chest, no tears to cry...

Em                                    G
it's funny to fight the same war
            Cmaj7                  Bm
from its very first day and again
Em                             G
to bury the deads like before
        Cmaj7                        Bm            Em  G  Cmaj7  Bm x2
then behave like nothing happened, this is so insane...

the next day came as a surprise
he felt a little older, tired enough to feel wise
he lay back and lazed the whole day, 
in the evening he realized he's not ok.

some annoying little detail pricked his mind
those eyes he buried the last day were looking at him from the inside.
the horror was poured in his blood at once.
a scream of a helpless world i heard and then i saw his bounce.

E4:    022200
Em9/G: 3240xx
Em:    022000
Bm:    224432
Am:    x02210
D:     xx0232
Cmaj7: x32000

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