Byron - War

Capo la 2

E	     Eadd9 C         D11
	On my own it\'s kinda scary,
E		    Eadd9 C          D11 
	With none of you watching my back.
E	     Eadd9 C        D11
	On my own I have to carry 
E		   Eadd9  C		D11
	This awful candle to light the dark.

You're confused calling me enemy, 
Same time asking me to save.
You've been told I'm kinda scary 
And if you're against me you should consider yourself brave

C			G D
I say the war is over
C                        G     D
But it seems you didn\'t get it yet
C              G     D
You carry a revolver
C                      D
Waiting, waiting for a threat

On my own, looking for answers,
Never please, I'm sure there are more.
Same time you dress, you dress like a lancer - 
Put your helmet on and try to find the door

Introu-ul este la fel ca strofa. Acordurile de pe refren pot fi luate cu bara/ la baza.
E    : 001220
Eadd9: 001420
C    : 010233
D11  : 030455

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