Goodbye to Gravity - Back to Life (acoustic)

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  • Ultima actualizare: 14.11.2015
With shimmering eyes, but skeptical
You came away with me
Kept me on the outside
But never let me be

Been wondering how you felt inside
Cause I never could replace
The shape you etched in all of me
     Bb                  F       Gm
Dug deep but it couldn't set you free

| Gm| F| Bb| Gm|
| F| Gm| F| Gm| X3

Gm          F                     Eb
This fire's burning, this fire is burning
        F                Bb           Gm
Burning me, to bring you back to life

Between 4 walls and ticking clocks I've been trying to find a way
To cypher out the message
Your words couldn't portray
But I guess it just comes natural
Not to let your colors show
So I'll just sit back and take it line for line
Till your shades give in and make you feel alive

This fire's burning
Burning me, to bring you back to life
Make you feel alive
  • BogdyBlack84
    18 noiembrie 2015 19:26
    Pardon, acela e
  • BogdyBlack84
    18 noiembrie 2015 19:15
    Nu acela e Bb-ul
  • BogdyBlack84
    18 noiembrie 2015 19:10
    Nu e foarte precisa...