Grimus - Confused

Verse 1
What is this place?
Where am I?
           G      A       B
Does there anybody hear me?

Verse 2

Open this door
I can’t breathe
You won’t get what you want, keep dreaming.

Verse 3

Show me your face
Don’t bury me here
Cause my time is up, I’m freezing.

Verse 4

Watching you leave…
What have I done?
How did I get here so young?

A G B B     x2

Loneliness is our brain’s invasion
G                              B        B      x3
Sharp extension, motivation to crawl

D                            Fm#                  B
You think you’re young again, it’s an illusion my friend
The fear will hit in waves, imagine death on sunny days
Don’t look at me like that, I’m glad to be afraid.