Ioan Gyuri Pascu - The song


I write my songs with passion
but they say that it's old fashion
they say that people needs a soup
mixed by a DJ with a loop
E            A B7
these days...

They say we don't need no more
that old rusty metaphor
maybe the poetry is great
but we need simple and straight
these days...

so i'm asking:
E          A
"How can I write a song
   E               B7
to make it call it strong
E                A
when it's always something wrong
E                   A
and always, always, always
it's so hard to get along?..."

The serenade it's not a skill
with somehow losing ? appeal
you can skip your sex-apppeal
even to dance is not a skill 
these days...

They say "Hey buddy, if you're sad
you'll find your love on internet
the navigator is a bet
so there is nothing you can get
these days

so I'm asking....

See what you want you'd be amazed
the google map is always vaste
it's only a matter of days
to just select, copy and paste
these days...

They say "Let's se what you've got!
Are you on facebook?" / "No, I'm not!"
"Oh, I'm afraid that it's a shame,
you cannot be on walk of fame
these days..."

No problem, cause
I'll still wanna write a song
to make you get along
cause there is a blaze of life
in each of us
that someday, one day
will make 

Yeah, I'll write a song
to make all people strong
cause is a blaze of light
in each of us
and one day, one day
it will shine and make us bright..