Iris - Lady in Black

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Era-ntr-o dimineata,
O alba dimineata,
 C         G
A aparut, cu parul ei,
In vantul iernii, nins,
Eu n-am stiut de unde
Si cum de m-a gasit,
In noaptea gandurilor sumbre,
In mine-a rasarit


She asked me name my foe then,
I said the need within some men,
To fight and kill their brothers,
Without thought of love or God,
And I begged her give me horses,
To trample down my enemies,
So eager was this passion
To devour this waste of life.

Am  C   G   Am
C   G   Am

But she wouldn't think of battle that
Reduces men to animals,
So easy to begin
And impossible to end.

Priveste lumea cu ochi vii,
Din dragoste ai sa re-nvii,
S-a-ntors din viata si-a plecat
Lasand un gand curat


solo Am

Era-ntr-o dimineata,
O alba dimineata.
A aparut, cu parul ei,
In vantul iernii, nins.

And I know not how she found me,
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction lay around me,
From a fight I could not win.

  • alex92
    28 martie 2011 18:28
    poate sa imi zica cineva bataia?
  • AlinStagg
    20 martie 2011 12:16
    parca suna mai bine cu C decat cu F... asa-mi pare mie..
  • fakemail2x
    7 martie 2009 20:34
    inloc de C
  • fakemail2x
    7 martie 2009 20:34
    pe refren("Ah,aha,aha,aha,") mie imi pare ca suna mai bine cu F