Luna Amară - Downtown Jesus

NOTA: Em7 este luat 022033 

INTRO+STROFA:(varianta mai simplista adica fara 'floricele')


It’s fortune that we play
Matches wouldn’t light
Couldn’t help no jesus
Couldn’t save no child
Not the one inside of me
And not the one inside of you
That day.

C                    D              Em  |
Back to my room and back inside my nest |
       Em7             C                 |
It’s not my day today                   | X2
         D     Em                       | 
It’s obvious I don’t belong.            |

Plastic men have sold
Now all my youth is sore and old
“there’s no morning view”
These nights are empty and so are you
There’s nothing you could do
Bruised up jesus for all the shame in you.

C     D    Em
And I feel downtown jesus growing orchids
C   D  Em
Out of naked wounds
C     D    Em
And I feel you and i
C                  D               Em
Selling friendshïp for an ounce of gold.

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