Luna Amară - Floodmoses

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Em9     xx2002
Em/C#   x42000
Cm9     x31030

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Em   C    D   C

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C  Asus2


So glad to know
How everything's found its way with the flow
So thrilled to see
How every you is not every me
Can I demand
A gentle recess from the years that we've spent
Are we in doubt
And if so let me know where do we go

How do things grow
Distance and lues and such black holes
Can you deny silence is guilt
But have you tried
Not to let go
Of all the true things that we know
Such shame to leave
And if so
Just let me know
Have you found a home?


So this is how you chose to let us know
Of how the water always finds its way to flow
Down through every goddamn heartless stone

But we're right here...
Chose to never leave
One flodmoses
To believe in

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