Phoenix - Tamara

Deep in a country with tall mountains,
She's all alone.
Waiting for him who's always haunted,
	 A  Bm
Will he come home?

The knock on the door and every phone call
Will it be him?
A lonely woman is Tamara
Now that he's gone.

Bm D  A	         Bm
A..ah, she just waits in vain,
Bm D  E	        F#
A..ah, I wish she could hear me.
Bm D  A	       Bm
A..ah, do you know the pain?
Bm D  E	        F#
Oh..I wish she could be near me!

Do you remember him, Tamara,
Is he still one,
Deep in your memory, Tamara
And all he's done?

The smile on your face is it misleading,
A small white lie.
Is it still there when no one's watching,
Or does it die?

			Bm	A	G	E	F#
Would you follow me some daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...?
				(  :))  )

Bm	          A
Everything's rearranged.
          G	               E(VII)
Would you say that it all has changed,
      Bm	              D	
But I can't get it through my brain?
No never.

Got to be something more,
So I'm starting to close the door
And I think I will try to find

Heading away from home,
So I'm heading on out to roam,
And I'm leaving this all behind

Got to be something new,
So I'm trying to find the clue
Which will show me the things I need

Wishing you all goodbye
I have nothing to justify
Would you think on me now and then,
Or never?

Thinking about the past,
When you know the change will last
Has done nothing but brïng me down
It's clever:

Would you follow me...?

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