The Marker - If You Didn't Love Me

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  • Ultima actualizare: 08.09.2009
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Vers 1:

Am			C
I walked alone for many years
	  Am		      F	
I made mistakes, I cryed some tears
		Am	F
You were always there
		Am	F
You were always there

Vers 2: 

I never new, a love like yours
A heart that beats, with love so pure
You were always there
You were always there

	       C	G	    Am
If you didn't love me, were would I be
   F		C	G	    Am
My heart was so broken, I couldn't see
      F	C	     G		  Am
Your love that surrounds me, and sets me free
   F		 G
Oho, Were would I be
	       Am	F Am F 
If you didn't love me... 

Am F Am F