Urma - Lonely pub

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  • Contribuție:  TheFly
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A lonely pub with people losing control
Red wine is playing games with all of my hopes
My ashtray's full, I'm like a junkie on the run
I'll have a coffee and admire all the angels around

It's alright, it's alright (alright)
I'm gonna make it one more time
It's alright, it's alright (alright)
I've always made it so I'll do it one more time tonight

You say you like me but I feel you're just blind
'Cause you don't see the hidden demons inside
You whisper me softly, you want me to heal
Don't keep your heart closed 'cause in this way you are getting me killed

You say you'd look the stars for me
How can that be when you can't even see me drowning in here
You whisper me softly, you'll stay around
Where are you hiding? 'Cause I'm losing all my decency now