Ada Milea - Survive

   Am          E           Am          E           Am

Am  E                    Am   E
God, give me a reason to die
Am  E                    Am   E
God, give me a reason to fly away
        C         G
I don’t need your angels
        Dm        Am
I don’t need your beauties
       C        E
I just wanna survive
    Am    E        Am    E
Somewheeeeere, somewheeeeere

What does survive mean in this world of pain
Whenever you look at the sky you don’t see the sun you don’t see the stars, why?
Because all the money is on Earth
Because all the money is on Earth
All the money is on Earth

God, give peace to the world
Drown all the money in ocean
I’ll be happy to see when I’ll die
Only water and sky
Only water and sky

What does sky mean in this heaven of pain
You don’t see you friends, your parents, your dead friends, why?
Because there are too many dead people in heaven
God is generous, must be really crushing in there, belive me

I don’t know what you mean when you say: heaven
I don’t know what you mean when you say: sky
But I need your angels
And I need your beauties
Cause I want somewhere to
Survive, survive, survive, survive

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