Byron - The Essential Piece

riff (sometimes palm muted):

    Fmaj7                    Dsus2           Bb

verse: Fmaj7 Dsus2 Bb   

give me a moment of shine
to clear my dreams
and see with the back of my eyes
the day i've been born
to face this unknown purpose
of someone we don't know...go! 

chasing the proof of a lie
about a guy
who spent all his life in the sky
hiding from our eyes
i see nobody there
but a couple of satellites

bridge: Csus2 Gm

signs of civilization
shines of forgotten roots

Fmaj7 Dsus2 Bb

chorus: Am Dm7
the essential piece is missing
i think we forgot
dad is coming in a minute
     Bb        Bbm    
he left us out 

Am Dm7

to play in the sand
building short-lived castles
while he does his job
            Bb           Bbm              
but we grew and started to get worried

Fmaj7 Dsus2 Bb   

we`ll all go home any minute
we need to sleep
and dream about oceans that slide
blend ourselves inside
to fill the whole we are
tomorrow we'll divide...  again and again and again...

Fmaj7: x33210
Dsus2: xx0230
Bb:    113331
Csus2: 335533
Gm:    355333
Am:    x02210
Dm7:   xx0211
Bbm:   113321

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