Direcția 5 - La vulturul de mare cu peștele-n ghiare

muzica: Marian Ionescu
versuri: Dragoş Bădoi
album: La vulturul de mare cu peştele-n ghiare(1992)


G /Cadd9 /C /D /
G /Cadd9 /C /D /

G                 Cadd9
Two steps in this wonderland
C                    D
I feel I'm gonna be another man
G        Cadd9            C  D
But it seems so getting down

I try to fall in love with you
You seem to make me feel so true, girl
But you know,... I will get 'round.

        G      Cadd9 C D
Let me go...
        G      Cadd9 C D

Then I'll go so far away
I don't know if i'll see you again
Then, I want you to believe
That dream we feel in the darkest night
Who ever feels, maybe we part
That's the way it has to be...


       G      Cadd9  C   D
But I neeeeed you! Yeah....
          G     Cadd9 C D
Yes, it's true!
      G     Cadd9  C    D
But I neeed you! Yeah...
You know it's true


Am                                   Bm
Twisted faces from the bottom of the street
C                D           G   Cadd9 C D
People that are killing my dreams

Solo synth si chitara

Again two steps in this wonderland
I feel that I'm gonna be another man
But it seems so getting down
I get no proud in this ???
People that are not list'ning to my heart
Can't even get away from here

Solo chitara


But I need you!
Yes it's true
But I need You! Ohhhh
It's so true....

I have to go.... Don't cry.... You know... I love you

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