Grimus - Solitude

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  • Contribuție:  silvia.guitar
Intro: Em, C 
 Em                             C
Keep running you might find me later
 Em                          C
I’ll be hiding plead the open air
 D                                 Bm
There are myriad ways to find me in the end
 D                                  Bm
Silent effort commands to run behind the wind
 Am                                Em
I’ll be everywhere you will be by my side
 Am                                    Em
Can you breathe my air I’ve just come out to hide?
 Am             D            Em
The silence laughing at our pride (2x)

Am                Em      
Let me go I don’t wanna be alone with you
Am                 Em
There’s more where this came from
Bm                    C
Every time I feel your solitude (2x)
Am                      Em
Like a fool chasing shadows on a crazy night
Am             Em
I somehow got to you
Bm                  C
Trying to burn your solitude (2x)