Kumm - Butterflies

intro /verse: Am Fmaj7 C G

welcome to the silence I give
I give
someone has to guide us to the river
to the river

bridge: (partea cu "aaaaa...): Am C C7 G#

apoi inapoi la: Am Fmaj7 C G

tried hard to disgrace me and fall 
and fall
run out of the safe place when you call
when you call

chorus: Am C C7 G#

butterflies are coming... are coming
butterflies are coming...
to change our ways...

Am Fmaj7 C G

the signs are all shifting, unclear
can't tell what I see from what I hear.

Am:     x02210 
Fmaj7: x33210 
C:        x32010 
G:        320033 
C7:      x32310 
G#:      466544

all the best!

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