Urma - After all

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Why do we feel so empty when we're all alone?
It seems a god is pushing me to join the world
Why do we feel so low when out of love?
Why do we need a reason when we love someone?

Why do we have to feel?
Until the end it hurts
Why do we have to see?
It's killing all my trust
Why do we have to bleed to prove we are alive?
Why cannot waste my days in your smile?

E Asus2

Why do we...why do we...
Why do we live after all?

Why we cannot die the way we wanna die?
Why it's such a same to leave with no goodbye?
Who says we need to suffer? The joy would be enough
Who put so many demons standing in my path?

Why do we have the distance? So many miles between
Why can't we be like angels to fly above all dreams?
Why do we have to bleed? It's clear we are alive
Why cannot waste my days in your smile?

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  • FataVerde
    29 decembrie 2010 12:27
    Imi spuneti va rog care e ciupitura? :D